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Computer “Cyber” Crimes

Defense Against Cyber and Computer Crimes

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney fights against Internet and computer fraud and hacking charges

If you have been charged with any type of computer-related crime, Jeff T. Ohara, Attorney at Law, PC in Minneapolis can help. We represent clients charged with or under investigation for computer and Internet-related offenses at both the state and federal levels.

Fighting against fraud and theft charges that use the Internet as a source or tool requires specific legal skill. Criminal defense attorney Jeffrey O'Hara has extensive experience handling cyber and computer crime cases, leveraging the investigative and trial experience he has gained over more than 20 years.

Many of these crimes are also associated with white collar crime.

Defending against Internet and computer fraud

State and federal laws are intended to protect the public against Internet and computer fraud. We handle a wide range of Internet and computer fraud cases, including:

  • Internet fraud and computer fraud — Email scams and interceptions, eBay scams, and advance fee fraud
  • Electronic fraud — Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Sale of counterfeit or stolen goods over the Internet — Sale of counterfeit or stolen goods on eBay and other Internet sites
  • Internet pornography — Possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography and violation of local obscenity ordinances
  • Sexual solicitation — Online child sex solicitation, and instant-messaging sexually explicit material to children
  • Human trafficking — Using the Internet for illegal online trafficking in women or children for sex or servitude and child sexual exploitation

Penalties depend on the amount of loss, which can be open to interpretation. Any number of situations may apply that put you or a loved one unknowingly on the wrong side of the law. These could include unintentional downloads and use of a secondhand computer that had been used for criminal activity.

Defending against hacking charges

Hacking into computer programs, computers, computer systems and computer networks in an effort to obtain money or property or with the intent to defraud the public is prohibited by Minnesota law. Specific violations include:

  • Unauthorized access to computer/hacking — Breaking into a computer or Internet address using sophisticated technology tools for remote access
  • Data interference — Altering or deleting stored data
  • System interference — Interfering with the function of a computer or network

The burden of proof rests with the prosecution, who must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the acts you have been charged with. To prepare your criminal defense case, we reach out to our network of computer forensics experts to help evaluate your case and the evidence against you. If law enforcement has already seized your computer or your hard drive, we probe into procedures used, since it is possible that an illegal search and seizure occurred.

Get the help of an experienced computer crimes lawyer and a network of computer forensics experts

State and federal prosecutors must prove you committed a crime. At Jeff T. Ohara, Attorney at Law, PC, we take an aggressive approach toward investigating and evaluating the evidence against you and law enforcement procedures used to produce the evidence. Call for your free initial consultation at (612) 605-6020 or contact us online. We accept emergency calls around the clock.