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Criminal Appeals

What to Expect from the Criminal Appeals Process in Minneapollis, Minnesota

A skilled appellate lawyer can help overturn a decision in your favor

An appeal is a post-conviction right you can exercise if your situation warrants. For instance, if you plead guilty, you may waive your right to an appeal.

If you are convicted and a motion for a new trial is not granted, you may wish to file an appeal. An appeal is not a new trial and, in general, no new evidence is presented. An appellate court reconsiders the decision made by a lower court by reviewing the trial records, ensuring that proper protocol was used and that the law was properly applied in the verdict and sentencing.

Criminal defense trials for a vast array of state and federal offenses may result in appeals. If you wish to appeal your decision, you need a skilled Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who routinely handles appellate cases. Jeff T. Ohara is one such lawyer.

Steps involved in the criminal appeals process

In an appeal, we notify the appropriate court of the intent to appeal the decision rendered in your case. We file a claim of appeal on your behalf. A variety of documents must also be supplied, including the records of the court proceedings and the court reporter’s verbatim documented transcripts of your trial. An appellate attorney must be extremely meticulous and diligent, because there is a limit on the time frame during which an appeal can be made.

You do not need to appear at court. For the most part, an appeal is carried out through written documents. But if need be, Attorney O’Hara can argue your case before an appellate court. The strength of the appeal is typically based on your appellate attorney’s filings, so it’s important to choose an aggressive attorney with extensive appeals experience.

If you have been convicted of a federal crime, such as white collar crime, embezzlement, identity theft and certain drug crimes, look no further than Jeff T. Ohara, Attorney at Law, PC to handle your appeal. The process begins with filing a notice of appeal with the U.S. District Court clerk within the designated time period.

Get your free legal consultation and find out if your case is a good candidate for an appeal

For more than 20 years, Jeff T. Ohara, Attorney at Law, PC has been successfully representing criminal defense clients in Minnesota’s appellate courts. Call us at (612) 605-6020 or just use our online contact form and tell us about your situation.