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  • Service

    Zhengshang wheel technology has a perfect service team to ensure to provide you with satisfactory service.

    after-sale service:

    Dear friendsService & Tech

    We sincerely thank you for your support. In order to make you better understand our enterprise and strengthen our cooperation and exchange, we now present our service specifications to you. We welcome your supervision and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, so as to further improve our work quality and better serve every customer.

    Service commitment:

    1、 We will make reasonable arrangement and carefully organize the source of goods in strict accordance with the delivery schedule required by you, so as to ensure the delivery on time and meet the needs of customers.

    2、 Since its establishment, we have accumulated rich experience in sales management, and are fully capable of producing high-quality products in terms of technical force, production process, testing means, etc. We will be strict with sales procedures, according to the quality assurance system, strengthen the control of the whole process from the product into the company to the product out of the company, and guarantee the delivery of products.

    Service content:

    Pre sales service:

    Visit customers in a planned way to solicit opinions

    Timely understanding of customer needs and existing problems

    The user's requirements shall be answered within the same day, and the unsatisfied ones shall be explained

    The contract review shall be completed within two days

    On sale service:

    Strictly carry out the sales contract and deliver the products according to the quality and quantity on time

    Strictly implement the technical service agreement and provide technical service guidance on time

    Ensure the quality of service, find problems to be solved in a timely manner, the site can not be solved should inform the user, and report to the leader in charge at the same time

    The exchange or return of goods caused by product quality problems shall be reported as required

    after-sale service:

    For the problems raised by our customers, we will send personnel to the scene on the same day for service in the province, and the service personnel outside the province will arrive in three days to solve them

    The sales department shall report the situation to the leader in charge within one month after the completion of the single project, give information feedback every half a year, and make corresponding user investigation report to understand the user's evaluation of the company's work.

    Service guarantee:

    1、 Product "three free" service

    Send someone free of charge for technical guidance

    Relevant materials are provided free of charge

    Free training related business knowledge

    2、 Product telephone "three in time" service

    Timely reply to the user's inquiry about the product's performance index and product technology

    Timely telephone guidance, analysis and judgment of various problems in the use of products

    Make an appointment, call in time and promise the service time

    3、 "Three supervision" of service quality users

    Whether the user supervises the service personnel to be in place according to the promised time

    The user supervises whether the service personnel complete the task according to the service content

    Whether the user supervises the service personnel to complete the work in time and explain clearly

    4、 "Three prohibitions" for service personnel

    It is not allowed to change or delay the service arrival time of promised users without permission

    It is not allowed to put forward the requirements of diet, accommodation and transportation to users

    It is not allowed to recommend the service work beyond this service item but belonging to the product proposed by the user

    5、 "Three satisfactions" in reception of visitors

    Let to contact the business of user satisfaction

    Let the users who come to consult and study be satisfied

    Satisfy the customers who complete the business