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  • Reason analysis of aluminum alloy wheel hub being approved

    時間:2021-03-16 瀏覽:197

    The wheel hub, also known as the rim, is a barrel shaped metal part, which installs the center of the tire on the axle. The wheel hub decorative cover is generally fixed in the center of the wheel to beautify the appearance of the wheel, so as to protect the wheel and the center wheel. The wheel decorative cover structure of the fixed welding part is directly installed on the wheel. Today, I will introduce the reason why the aluminum alloy wheel hub is approved.

    The connection will damage the surface finish of the wheel. The operation is complex and the connection quality can not be guaranteed. The other part is the wheel hub decorative cover. The installation hole on the wheel hub is fixed on the wheel hub. For example, the decorative cover is installed on the wheel rim surface through the pawl. Although the operation is simple, the installation size cannot be adjusted.

    The aluminum alloy wheel hub comprises a wheel hub body, the wheel hub body is arranged in the middle of the installation groove, the bottom of the installation groove is provided with a central hole and an axle sleeve, the edge of the installation groove is provided with a step hole, the step hole of the decorative cover is provided with a step hole, and the wheel hub body is close to the central hole on the outer surface of the wheel rim.

    The decorative cover includes a decorative surface matched with the shape of the hub body and a mounting surface located inside the hub body. There is a protrusion at the outer side of the lower end of the buckle, and a corresponding adjustment groove at the inner side of the lower end of the buckle. If you want to know more, you are advised to pay attention to this website.