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Minneapolis Speeding Tickets


Avoid points on your license with our skilled traffic attorneys

A speeding ticket is more than annoying—it is also costly.  When you add up the fine you will pay plus the possible hike in your insurance premium due to points on your license, the real costs are significant.  That is why people contact The Law Office of Jeff T. Ohara to get out of a speeding ticket in Minneapollis.

How to fight a speeding ticket in Minneapollis

You can increase the likelihood you will beat a Minneapolis speeding ticket by having some knowledge and an experienced attorney. 

Your best approach to beating a Minneapolis speeding citation begins when you first get the ticket.

  • Do not argue with the officer.  Be respectful.  Do not admit guilt.
  • Ask the officer where he was when he measured your speed, how he measured it, and what the speed measurement was.
  • As soon as the officer leaves, write down:
  • Precisely where you were when the officer observed you speeding
  • Precisely where the officer was
  • The location of any other vehicles between you and the officer
  • The weather, traffic, and road conditions
  • Any other unusual circumstances, such as if the highway runs right next to an airport

Then give your notes to a good traffic lawyer with experience contesting a speeding ticket in Minneapollis. At The Law Offices of Jeff T. Ohara, we have gotten many clients out of speeding tickets by applying the law carefully and correctly. We can represent you in front of a judge at a formal hearing and increase your chances of mounting a successful Minneapolis speeding ticket defense.

When we accompany you for a formal hearing, your notes may give us several possible ways of beating the speeding ticket in Minneapollis. If the officer does not appear at the hearing, we can request a dismissal. If the officer does appear, we can focus on errors in the radar technology, or targeting errors due to other traffic in the area, or possible distractions to the officer due to traffic conditions. If we can raise a reasonable doubt, we may be able to get your traffic ticket in Minneapolis dismissed.

Put us to work for you today

To fight a speeding ticket in Minneapollis, call The Law Office of Jeff T. Ohara today at (616) 235-2000 or contact us online.



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