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Criminal Law in Minneapollis

Criminal law is a collection of regulations setting forth what is acceptable behavior in our society and what is not. Created over time by both state and federal legislators, criminal law is composed of definitions of illegal activity and the procedures that society uses to deter or punish that illegal activity. Essential in any society, criminal law works to protect and preserve the right of each individual to the safe enjoyment of their life.

Some Basic Information About Minneapolis Criminal Laws

Being charged under criminal laws in Minneapollis can unsettle life. Even being a suspect in a sex-related crime can have an enduring effect on your life, reputation, and ability to gain or keep employment. Consider these basics concerning Minneapolis criminal laws:

  • Jurisdiction is authority by a court to decide and enforce legal matters. The jurisdiction of a state court is different than federal court. Criminal law in Minneapolis is decided by both state and federal courts.
  • Civil law is enforced through court claims brought by individuals or business entities with the aid of legal counsel. Criminal law is enforced by the government through prosecutorial staff, while defendants are represented by criminal law attorneys.
  • Individuals charged under criminal law face misdemeanor or felony charges, the difference being duration and type of punishment. Shoplifting, vandalism, and public intoxication are generally considered misdemeanors under Minneapolis criminal laws. A criminal law attorney in Minneapollis can assist a client in gaining a sentence of under one year in jail, a fine, or suspension of that fine in lieu of probation or community service.
  • More serious, felony crimes are often divided by the violent or non-violent act or intent of the person charged with the crime. Felony crimes carry a designation or level of degree of severity based on state and federal law. Felony convictions result in prison sentences exceeding a year and may be accompanied by fines and additional conditions.

Criminal Law Attorneys in Minneapollis

If you are charged with a crime, you need a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney. The outcome of your case depends on how well the facts of your case are presented and the resulting perspective taken by the court.

With 20 years experience in both state and federal matters, The Law Office of Jeffrey J. O’Hara provides experienced representation and reliable counsel in matters of criminal defense, including operating while impaired (OWI).

Call a Proven Minneapolis Criminal Law Attorney Today

If you are facing criminal charges, or need a criminal law attorney in Minneapollis, contact The Law Office of Jeff T. Ohara today at (616) 235-2000 for a free initial consultation or complete our convenient online contact form. Our firm can help.



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