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Sex Crimes

If you are even a suspect in a sex crime your reputation is in danger. If you are not careful about what you say and do, even the smallest mistake can make you look guilty.

If you are arrested for a sex offense, if law enforcement wants to question you or if you are the target of an investigation, make sure you have a criminal defense attorney by your side defending your rights.

Sex offenses include a number of criminal sexual behaviors, ranging from indecent exposure to prostitution to rape to child sexual abuse to internet pornography. If you or one of your family members is facing a sex-offense charge, it is very important to obtain the legal representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Contact Jeffrey J. O'Hara today for a free initial consultation.


The penalties for a sex offense conviction can be serious and life-changing. Punishment for a sex offense can vary dramatically depending on the category of crime. A misdemeanor sex crime conviction (such as indecent exposure) may receive less than a year of jail time, a fine, community service, counseling or probation. A felony, on the other hand, may be punished by a lengthy prison term (up to a life sentence). Additionally, released sex felons must register as sex offenders and multiple convictions often lead to greater punishments.

False Allegations

False allegations may occur, most often in child sex-abuse situations. An adult may have influenced a child's allegation or the child may have based his or her accusation on an overactive imagination. Public awareness of child abuse has increased and more reports of possible abuse are being made, but not all reports are substantiated. Also, even good-faith accusations may not be true and false allegations may be made to harm the accused. If you find yourself the victim of false allegations, a criminal defense attorney is necessary in order to take immediate action to defend yourself.

Sex Offender Registry

The State of Michigan requires sex offender registration. Individuals convicted as sex offenders must register their addresses with law enforcement. Sex offenders must also send updates whenever they change addresses and must keep their registration information current. There are different criteria regarding what offenses require registration and for what periods of time. Additionally, some offenses that are more serious require registration for life. Serious crimes vary by state, but most commonly include repeat offenders, violent sexual offenders and those who commit sexual crimes against children. If you are concerned about your status under these rules, contact Jeffrey J. O'Hara today for a free initial consultation.



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