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Post Conviction Matters


Appealing a criminal conviction requires unique skills not possessed by every criminal defense attorney. The success of an appellate case hinges on the ability of your attorney to understand not only the law, but also the trial record. Attorney Jeffrey J. O'Hara has the legal skills needed to appeal your case.

Protect your right to appeal your case by contacting the Law Office of Jeffrey J. O'Hara. You must file appeals in a timely manner. We will tie the facts of your case to the applicable law and convincingly argue the issues before the appellate court.


Having a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can affect your life in many ways. Employers won't want to hire you. College or university programs may deny you entrance. Landlords won't want to rent to you. You could even be denied public assistance and housing.

The purpose of the expungement statute is to expunge the record of one-time offenders who satisfy the requirements of the act. Certain criteria must be met. Call the Law Office of Jeffrey J. O'Hara at to schedule a free consultation regarding the specifics of your case.



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